The Dynamic Duo

Sometimes the desires of our hearts are not met in the ways we dream or imagine. For the following two, this could be an accurate assessment. Both had a special love for little ones, yet, traditional motherhood eluded them. But, this did not define them, it seemed to redefine them. Actually, I think it propelled them toward a special calling to minister … Continue reading The Dynamic Duo


You Think I’ve Got Potential?

She was edgy and somewhat dangerous; one of those sketchy individuals we are better off steering clear. Dangerous like Kit DeLuca, the sidekick of Vivian. The spunky girl with the feisty mouth and shady profession. If you are going, "huh?" right now, I am referring to the characters in the movie, 'Pretty Woman'. To refresh … Continue reading You Think I’ve Got Potential?

Angel in the Restroom

It is rumored, from those who have experienced the presence of an angel and lived to talk about it, that a specific trait among them was characteristic of their divine presence--no, not that being large, white wings. It is said angels have strikingly-blue eyes. Since I am quite certain there is no definitive evidence to prove this theory, I … Continue reading Angel in the Restroom