Angel in the Restroom

It is rumored, from those who have experienced the presence of an angel and lived to talk about it, that a specific trait among them was characteristic of their divine presence–no, not that being large, white wings.

It is said angels have strikingly-blue eyes.

Since I am quite certain there is no definitive evidence to prove this theory, I think this rumor will only be made as fact upon our entrance to Heaven.

Even so, I agree with this hypothesis.

This is why…

Each week, I believe I have been in the presence of one, and am here to talk about it.

Since I am not one to wait in line for an open stall before church service, I tend to wait until the midst of worship, usually during a song I am not particularly fond (No, not very spiritual), and take the opportunity to visit the restroom.

It is during this time, I happen upon a lady, dressed in a blue uniform shirt and khaki pants, working behind the scenes.

I am certain you would agree that this is one of the least pleasurable chores out there, even in the confines of a home.  So, think about having to clean up after hundreds of people each and every week.

No thank you.

But, this person is quite amazing.

Whether she is empties trash cans, picks up debris off the ground, wipes down sinks, cleans mirrors–no matter the chore, she has a characteristic that is angelic:

It is this amazing smile that accompanies her service.  


If she is having a bad day, I would never know it.

She is a true example of a servant.

It is said in Hebrews 13:2:

Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!

In gratitude for her dedication, I attempt to show this stranger, in the restroom, the most hospitable appreciation in response for her incredible service.

Oh, I forgot to mention…

She has the most amazing eyes–which happen to be a striking hue of blue!

2 thoughts on “Angel in the Restroom

  1. Josie, this is absolutely awesome….such a tribute to Connie! You have gift the gift of writing, my dear. I am proud to know you and be your friend! Love, RosemaryDenk

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