My Faith Had Somewhat Faded

Calvary Chapel

Just two words.  To be specific, a name of a church.

Yet, these 13 letters changed my life in an instant, and propelled us to leave our home in Michigan for San Antonio, via Southern California.

Calvary Chapel was mentioned to me by a previous potential employer, as a place to attend if we ended up with residence in the earthquake-laden state. As I went on the website after this recommendation, I noticed that Calvary Chapel also had a school for my girls.  Since I would, in no way, send them to public school in this state far, far away from my Midwest mindset that cautioned me of the dangers of this strange land, this provided instant relief for my anxieties which were growing in intensity at the possibility that California was to be our new home.

The one thing that perplexed me on the website though was the lack of a doctrine statement.  Since I did not know what they believed, I wondered if this would be a good choice.

Even so, by this time I had a strong sense that God was preparing me for this journey to California, and this church was a key player in this faith transaction.  Especially since I was the only one sensing this move on the horizon.  My husband thought otherwise.  And eventually, it looked as if my conclusions were entirely off-base when he was offered a position in Chicago.

This is where God stepped in and showed off.  That night, while heading home after Bible study, I prayed to God a prayer I am not sure the words.

Moments later, I decided to turn on Focus on the Family to listen to the pre-presidential updates, since the next day was the Presidential Election. But, almost immediately, Dr. Dobson mentioned that while it was important to review candidates, he felt a sermon preached back in the 1980’s, at a place called “Calvary Chapel” in Costa Mesa, California, would be a better option.


My heart leaped in speed.

Calvary Chapel

I spent the next 20 minutes intently listening to a godly message from this place, and knew without a doubt that we were going to move there.

And we did just that.  Fast forward a few months, and a job transfer later, and the rest is history.

All that being said, I am driving down the road this morning, when my heart begins to palpitate with anticipation.  Unsure as to why, I look to the left, and wouldn’t you know it–

Calvary Chapel

My heart begins to beat that familiar beat long since forgotten. It has been years, ten to be exact, since the momentous moments happened that brought me to Texas.

Somewhere along the line, my faith had faded into caution.

What I so strongly believed at that time transitioned into a sweet memory of my former reckless persona.

Replaced by the tepidness of cautious doubt.

It didn’t happen overnight.  Just a slow fade of faith over time.

But, isn’t it just like God to give us a billboard-type moment to wake our faith from the dead?

Today, I hold onto the hope that what He said, will come to pass, whether that is tomorrow, next year, or in the far-off future.