The Lost Measurement of Measuring Cups and Measuring Up

Being one in the small percentage of individuals who was part of the experimentation with the metric system in grade school to become acceptable with the rest of the world's standards, unit laziness caused us into the routine of old habits, I never really learned how to accurately measure. Why did we not adopt such a … Continue reading The Lost Measurement of Measuring Cups and Measuring Up



Soggy. Dry. Blah. Hardly a sight for hungry eyes, with the exception of possibly pizza. I can eat these stale triangles like nobody's business. No one in my house eats food in white, foam containers. With the exception of hubby, who happens to be a modern version of the old 'Life Cereal' commercial. "Give it to Billy, … Continue reading Leftovers

Depression, You Complete Me No More

What is it with depression?  Why does she have the final say--wearing me out with her moodiness until I am no longer in the mood for anything at all?  There has not been a time when melancholy has not accompanied me.  Uninvited, like an unwelcome houseguest. You think you complete me--you actually deplete me.   Well, … Continue reading Depression, You Complete Me No More

I Had a Nightmare

I had a dream nightmare-- A nightmare that kept a little girl to remain hidden, even though she was well beyond elementary age. Hunched low-- the handful of children accompanying her huddled close together in a small concrete space. How did they get there? Better yet, who were they--these little lost souls? A small snapshot of the … Continue reading I Had a Nightmare