I Had a Nightmare

I had a dream nightmare–

A nightmare that kept a little girl to remain hidden, even though she was well beyond elementary age.

Hunched low– the handful of children accompanying her huddled close together in a small concrete space.

How did they get there?

Better yet, who were they–these little lost souls?

A small snapshot of the tight quarters reveals slightly-weathered concrete blocks of a grayish-white.  No windows and no exit in sight.

The little ones attempt to keep their cries self-contained.  A difficult attempt if the only dilemma was to find a way out of the concrete cage.

But, the real trouble lingered outside the walls.

We could hear them chip away at the blocks in a rhythmic manner worthy of the scariest of horror flicks.  A quick out-of-body peek has me catch a glimpse of the perpetuators.  Yes, by the look of intense determination I am convinced they are out to kill us.

The rhythmic chipping away of the blocks abruptly stops. In the momentary pause I reach out to console the small children in what I now realize is the basement of my childhood home.

The break is short-lived though. The whimpering resumes in the still silence, which causes the pitchforks on the other side to continue on its deadly task.

“Quiet”, I whisper into the stale air. I attempt to place a hand over the whimperer’s mouth to muffle the whimpers, but it only causes the fear to escalate.

It is only a matter of time before they break through. Rapid breaths attempt to take the remaining oxygen from the crawl space.
Suffocation may beat out the torturous attackers to our imminent death. The thought of dying without air from within is somewhat worse than the tormenters on the outside.

“Somebody help us!” Yells from my mind with hopes someone can hear and rescue us before it is too late.

A crack of light penetrates a small hole in the concrete…

I wonder, was the nightmare actually a dream?  And the mission is not for my death, but for me to experience life?  For the longest time I thought otherwise.  I mean, really, the scene played out seems obvious.

But, looks can be deceiving.

It was a rather ordinary day that this dream resurfaced in my mind replaying the details with vivid intensity of the highest quality.  Yet, it was a small detail I honed in on that I didn’t recognize at first.

It was a small crack of light that penetrated the space.

Is it possible the perpetuators were rescuing me from the darkness of the dungeon that Darkness attempted to keep under a heavy deadbolt?

Yes, I believe so.

You see, HE had a dream.  HE wanted the little girl to stop hiding.  If she would only trust HIM with the pain of the past.

“Don’t you see, I AM rescuing you from the pit of death that has dead-bolted your hurting heart from healing?”

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