Momentary Glances of Regret

Why can't I not look your way?  It has been over two years--still the memory has yet to fade.  The sight of you brings longings of yesterday, but I can't turn back the hand of time. Still, I regret my sudden departure. I take the momentary glance of regret and hold it near. One day though, … Continue reading Momentary Glances of Regret


I Praise You in this Sunshine

The sun beats down on me as I breathe in the morning air.  Sunshine has eluded me for some time now.  Its warmth no longer  felt.  Replaced by the darkness that creeped in unannounced and unwanted stealing the light from every angle-- Slowly eclipsing my hope. Until today. I felt depression dissipate. I can feel again without the accompanying … Continue reading I Praise You in this Sunshine