Momentary Glances of Regret

Why can’t I not look your way?  It has been over two years–still the memory has yet to fade.  The sight of you brings longings of yesterday, but I can’t turn back the hand of time.

Still, I regret my sudden departure.

I take the momentary glance of regret and hold it near.

One day though, I will let go of you and move on.

How will this happen?  It will take place as I let go completely of the sense of disappointment of my shortcomings.

When will this happen?  It will be the day I drive by and not turn my head your way–it will be then when I know I have moved on toward forgiveness of myself.


One thought on “Momentary Glances of Regret

  1. Two people, two different perceptions. I see someone who for a season made a huge difference. I drive by and thank God for the people I met thru divine appointment, one of those being you. I shake my head in sorrow because of certain things, but in the few seconds it takes to pass, both the sorrow and the place, are replaced by the knowledge that God used that season to build friendships and open other opportunities. I hope the day will never come that you don’t look that way, but instead I pray the day will come soon that you look and smile as you pass.

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