The Little Glass of Nothingness

Disclaimer:  This writing is actually just one essay of a 40+ chapter book which is in the works.  The working title is, Finding Sunshine in an Otherwise Gloomy Life.  The writings are from all angles of depression and the various reasons one dips into depression.  This particular writing addresses what can happen when we blot out our past instead of actually … Continue reading The Little Glass of Nothingness


A Fireside Chat on Depression?

Fireside chat, fireside chat, fireside chat—this phrase has been circling around me begging me to run to google for a definition. Basically, the definition is simple:  An informal conversation. Okay, got it. So, since I am in the throws of writing a book on depression, is it possible to have a fireside chat about this dark … Continue reading A Fireside Chat on Depression?

If I Could Take Away Your Pain, I Would

She sat across from me in uncomfortable silence.  Maybe it was my makeshift meal of leftovers from two nights ago, which resembled enchilada mush, that she was silently thinking of a way to refuse to digest without hurting my feelings. I ask her if she is okay. "Yes, I am just tired." she says. I can leave it … Continue reading If I Could Take Away Your Pain, I Would

A Less Sensational Story of Jonah

We have an old tree in our new neighborhood that stands front and center for all to see. With the exception of a small amount of shade, this scraggly-limbed, woody plant looks like a Charlie Brown version of the oak variety. But, for whatever reason, it tugs at the heartstrings of both hubby and I.  So, we spent entirely … Continue reading A Less Sensational Story of Jonah