Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These

  I see the tag on the neighbor’s newly planted bush, which remains after its transplant into the ground from the nursery only weeks earlier. As we round the corner into the driveway, small talk exits our mouths between sips of warm cappuccino. Our behavior is predictable to any other day, hardly evident of extreme … Continue reading Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These


Betty Crocker is Not Real

No, she never was a real, live human being.  Ever. Yes, there are many-a-lady with such a name, but the one with the before-her-time-Anthropologie-apron, who stood front and center to sell the world-famous cookbook, is make-believe. So why aspire to such dreams?  Dreams of home cooked creations by a model who mastered the art of fine … Continue reading Betty Crocker is Not Real

Space Invaders

I saw him again today. My heart is beat up over this lost soul. Standing at the intersection, unwashed and disheveled, he holds up a cardboard sign with both hands firmly gripped to either side. I glance over the few words as I approach the green light telling me to proceed. He is homeless.  He is hungry.   No … Continue reading Space Invaders

Upside Down

Imaginary Journal Entry #1 It was a trip down memory lane. I was three years old.  We went across the world for an adventure of my short-lived lifetime. The small facts from the trip are random at best. Apparently I experienced my first attempt with shaving, and was left with bloodied legs. I remember my … Continue reading Upside Down

A Day in the Life of a Type D Personality

Should I take it? Yes. Okay.  It is the right thing to do. Wait.  It will alter my personality.  Oh, that's right, I am withering away in depressive thoughts, and I worry it will change up my charm. Flip flop.  Flip flop. The pills that dull the aching, dull everything. Maybe I will go all natural instead. … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Type D Personality

Does Jesus Have Introvert Tendencies?

Impossible. I mean, really, look at how Jesus handles a crowd.  Throngs of people hang on his every word.  He obviously is the most dynamic of speakers. On more than one occasion, before the days of social media, crowds figure out his whereabouts beforehand in anticipation of hearing him speak. The best of the best. … Continue reading Does Jesus Have Introvert Tendencies?


Hi, my name is Josie Barone. I am a common creature of the female variety who is passionately in love with Jesus Christ. He is my life. He is also my lifeline. You see, I struggle with an invisible, often debilitative, autoimmune disorder, which resides just under the surface. This disorder is the epitome of … Continue reading Coexist