Yes, It Really is This Simple

Over and over again I return to the bathroom to check and make sure I turn off the straight iron. OCD is on the horizon.

So, last night I relay this compulsion of mine to Hubby, and in turn, responds with something so simplistic:

“Why don’t you just unplug it?”


Simple is as simple does.

Sometimes I make life entirely too complicated, when it really is just this simple.

Maybe you need a simple reminder today:

You are loved.

Not anything more do you need to do to earn that love.

So, let go of the compulsion to try harder and work longer. Oh, we do need to plug in, as we are to share this Jesus, who freely gave up His life to give us life, and free us from our sin, and not just simply sit back and keep this to ourselves.

But, the compulsive tendency to do more, “just to make sure,” is exhausting.

It is really quite simple.

So, simply open your heart nice and wide and embrace this simple truth:

For God so loved the world (and that means little ole you in this BIG world) that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life (in His loving presence).

Happy Sunday

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