Remote Control Issues


He enters the room a few steps before me, knowing if he doesn’t, there is a possibility I will take hold of it before him–and the results will be catastrophic.

You see, if this item happens to end up in my possession, the lineup will look entirely different than he envisions. Home improvements, cooking contests and reality TV, with perhaps a nice romance in between, will highlight the evening. Instead of sports, sports, sports, and did I say, sports?

By now, you may have guessed…

I refer to the coveted item known as the remote control.

Whoever possesses this little, dark device ultimately rules the television world.

We all have our ways to manage this hand-held device. For me, I tend to land on one show and stay there the entire duration, with the exception of commercials. At that point, I journey a few stations away from the channel, making sure to not travel too far, or I’ll forget what I am watching.

Now for hubby, he is more adventurous than me. Channels breeze by with a blur, until, I am not sure how he notices, but something will catch his interest. Then, he lands there just long enough for me to become emotionally attached, before quickly moving onto another channel.

Let’s just say we have remote control issues.

On a serious note though, is it possible to have remote control issues when it comes to my relationship with Jesus Christ?

To be honest, there are times I am remote with Him.

Far-removed and distant, I keep a safe space away from emotional attachment–never fully embracing Him, or allowing Him complete access to the depth of my soul.

You see, it is because I desire control–I want to be the final authority on my life. I want to watch what I want to watch, and do what I want to do. I want the last say on decisions– and ultimately my destiny.

The problem is, when I do this, I miss out on so much more. The story of my life becomes a low quality ‘B’ movie at best, with me as the central character, instead of an on-the-edge-of-your-seat epic saga it was destined to be—with Jesus Christ as the central focus.

It is time to let allow HIM access to the control of my life.

Question: Who has the grip of control in your life?  

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