Betty Crocker is Not Real


No, she never was a real, live human being.  Ever.

Yes, there are many-a-lady with such a name, but the one with the before-her-time-Anthropologie-apron, who stood front and center to sell the world-famous cookbook, is make-believe.

So why aspire to such dreams?  Dreams of home cooked creations by a model who mastered the art of fine dining?

No wonder so many of us struggle to add up in this world.  Was this the beginning–when fictitious characters raised the invisible, unattainable bar into the stratosphere?!?!

No wonder we feel we can never add up.

My eggs stick.


My toast burns.

A crack results from the hard boiled egg mid-boil, while the rest of the shell cannot seem to break free, and eventually I am left with whites that look beaten.

Maybe that’s it.

Break free people.  

Stop trying to mold yourself into another–chances are her mold is plastic, and not gelatin.

Allow Him to mold you into the person He desires.  

And maybe then, and only then, will we live the lives we were meant to live.



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