My Heart is Full

The agenda was full of anticipation as I packed my mind with plans of excitement for our 26th anniversary.  Since Bill planned to be in New Jersey on business, he thought it would be great if I joined him at the tail-end of his trip, and the two of us would then head to New York for some well-deserved fun.  Probably a bit guilt induced on his part, since our 25th anniversary celebration was postponed (for whatever reason we delayed I cannot recall at this moment), but, a week to shop and play in the Big Apple would more than pay for postponement.

Unfortunately, because of Bill’s treatment, the trip has been shelved indefinitely.

But, here’s the thing:  our anniversary was packed full all the same.

Even though fluids filled his veins with poison, and we were stuck in a room with strangers undergoing similar treatments, my heart was full beyond measure for this man I married so many years ago.

Full of love.

Full of sadness.

Full of joy.

Full of tenderness.


Today, two days post-anniversary (and chemo), I could not think of a better place to be at such a time as this, but next to him.

Yes, our plans were placed on hold, but that’s the only thing held back.

Now, I get to hold him close as he sleeps the side-effects away.

I get to hold his hand as we take small trips to grocery stores and pharmacies.

Holding each moment with each other with extra-special care.

Thank you dear friends for your love and prayers for our family.  I treasure each one of you and contribute such peace to the petitions of you on our behalf.

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