A Year Without Devo

This will be a first in many-a-year where I will go without you, Devo.

No, not you, Devo, you who goes around sporting little, red-rimmed hats, whipping it good with eccentric lyrics that stay permanently etched in the brain.


No, I refer to you, my lovely, coveted devotional(s).


It will not be easy to tear away from our brief sentimental encounters each day that feed me a spiritual nugget of truth.

In years, I have become a connoisseur of these little books of devotion.

But, it is time.

I want need more.

I need to learn for myself.

I need to dig deeper.

Ponder longer.

So, the other day I purchased a new journal bible and decided to devote my time to a small portion of scripture, and reflect on what I read.


Maybe by the end of the year I’ll be sing the familiar tune I tend to belt out slightly out of tune, by Olivia Newton John, in which I sing, “hopelessly devoted to you…”


Jesus, I desire more of you.  So much so, nothing else will satisfy this longing deep within.  I hope to become hopelessly devoted to You.

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