Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Good Christian Blogger


Sometimes it’s hard being a good Christian blogger.

I am not sure if it is because many writings are from former experiences, so the lapse of time and distance allows me to shave down the edginess to an appropriate scale of acceptability.

But, what I’ve learned about this strategy is this: Many years I lived a scaled-down version of myself. Like a Josie 2.0.

Scaling down hardships in order to bypass complete healing.  Scaling down the sins of others toward me in order to spontaneously forgive.

Moving on.

Going around Everest-sized mountains of disappointments without going through.

Sometimes we need to go through.

Face the pain head on. Feel it. Engage the senses. Make it through. Whether it is in regard to difficulties of life in general, or a sharp stab to the heart from another. They need to be fully embraced.

Now, whether or not I feel the need to share this struggle for all to read—maybe, maybe not.

Maybe people need to see a Christian battle through the wounds of the world, exposed, for all to see.

Maybe people only need to see the battle after the yellow tape has been removed, and the chalk lines cleaned up.

I do know that in time, peace will overtake what overwhelms me because my eyes are fixed on Jesus, and my heart is drawn to Him.

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