A Little Love Letter


You drew near to me one night while I lay alone in bed after an evening with an unknown man. I fought your former advances, but, on this occasion, well, I was just too tired. So instead, I allowed you to fully embrace me with your love.

Was it love at first sight for You?   

You would return often after this episode. Persistent you were.

Eventually, I gave up fighting Your advances, and gave in to Your love of me.

Why? That is the question. Why on earth do You love me as much as You do? Why? When I offer so little, You love so much.

You have loved me for as long as I remember.

But, I’ve loved You too.

Oh, I will never love You as much as You love me. And I think You are okay with this.

But, I will say, I will try with all I am to love You more.

You are undeniably my one true love.

Love, Josie

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