War, What is it Good For?

War, what is it good for?

No, not ‘War, What is it Good For—Absolutely Nothing’, but the sweet movie, ‘War Room’ I watched the other day while hubby entered his “chemo coma”. I heard wonderful things about it, so I slipped under a cozy blanket and tuned right in.

Honestly, I was bothered. Maybe disappointed. Not sure I can pinpoint the proper emotion. Don’t get me wrong, the principle of this movie is spot on.  We need to submit, sacrifice our own needs, and realize this is more of a war than we realize–one not always about flesh and blood, but a struggle against principalities and powers of this dark world we reside.

And, while I love a happy ending, the kind that brings all discord together to a climactic conclusion better than one would ever dream or imagine, and maybe I am a traitor to the Christian community to voice this, but—

Sometimes, happily doesn’t come until the ever after of Heaven

I know this was only a movie, and a portrayal of the power of prayer, but it felt as if their entire struggle was remedied in one short season of concentrated petition.

And, while sometimes things do turn out the way we hope, this is not entirely accurate, and to me, almost has the potential to make one become disillusioned if their outcomes do not turn out as expected.

Sometimes outcomes are far from what we hope.

What if the scene played out differently:

  • What if, instead of feeling intensely ill when he comes dangerously close to an affair, he actually commits adultery?
  • What if they divorce instead of reconcile?
  • What if they lose the large home at the loss of his job to foreclosure or downsizing?
  • What if the child’s pain causes her to become defiant?
  • What if the spouse’s new position is not for a nice non-profit, but one which makes little profit at all?
  • What if, after years of prayer, the family does not join together as one and read scripture and pray alongside each other?

What if my devoted prayers on bended knee for my husband’s healing do not end with my version of happily ever after? Then what?

Prayer, what is it good for?

What if it’s not entirely about results, even the good and right ones, but for me to become closer to my Jesus, no matter what the outcome?

What if prayer causes me to lean in to the One who comforts me in crisis–Calms my fears–Gives me peace in the battle–Provides rest for her weary prayer warrior…

Because, truth is, some of us may die on the front lines of battle without ever witnessing the victory on earth.

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