I am Tired of Bible Study

I'm tired of studying the Bible to attain, or in some cases, retain, head knowledge. If I absorb information without action, then am I similar to the Pharisee of the day--one full of knowledge, but, oftentimes accused of being callous? The world is a mess.  People are starving, while I sit with dessert in hand, … Continue reading I am Tired of Bible Study


I See Deadly People

The stench caught my attention before the carcass caught my eye.  Actually, the first glimpse on my path of death were of a gang of vultures, sitting alongside the makeshift dinner table of the road's shoulder, devouring the hard-shelled carcass of an armadillo. The smell so intense, I had to cover my nostrils with my sweat-covered STANKY shirt to … Continue reading I See Deadly People

The Problem With Mixed Messages

Do I look fat? It's the age-old question that begs dishonesty in most American households. You see, I ask this, but don’t expect an answer that is anything other than, “What? Oh no; honey you look absolutely amazing.” “In fact, you look so good, it looks as if you’ve lost a hundred pounds.” Actually, this does … Continue reading The Problem With Mixed Messages

When I See a Person as a Project…

I hear the words somewhere inside me rise to the surface, exclaiming: "It's not a project, but a person." Hmmm. What does this mean? After hours of internal interrogation on the possibilities, the following is my two-bullet-conclusion: A project has a set agenda with a set goal to accomplish. Yet, a person is a living, breathing … Continue reading When I See a Person as a Project…

Don’t Ask Why, Ask What

It is a short exclamation, in the midst of a long message, which makes my heart pitter-patter at the speaker's declaration: Don't ask why, ask what. Not long after, I lose internet connection, and the video shifts to static on my screen. But, instead of attempting to reboot connection and find my whereabouts in this unfinished message, … Continue reading Don’t Ask Why, Ask What