Don’t Ask Why, Ask What

It is a short exclamation, in the midst of a long message, which makes my heart pitter-patter at the speaker’s declaration:

Don’t ask why, ask what.

Not long after, I lose internet connection, and the video shifts to static on my screen.

But, instead of attempting to reboot connection and find my whereabouts in this unfinished message, I move on about my morning without another thought of this peculiar phrase.

Until I enter my vehicle.

After a failed attempt to phone a friend, I turned on talk radio.

The first words I hear transmit over the airwaves are exactly the same:

Don’t ask why, ask what.  

What in the world?

The pastor’s next words do not infiltrate my thought process since these five take possession of my mind, and grab hold of my heart.

I ponder its meaning.

I don’t feel there is anything at this very moment in time which I would question God with–


Why, God?  Why?

Why did you allow this to happen to me?

Why don’t you fix this situation that I know you can?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why, God?  Why?

So, knowing this is not necessarily for now, but later, my mind deliberately wonders–


What moment will I be apt to question You, Lord?

What do You want me to learn from this situation?

What part of me do You want conformed to Your character through this difficulty?


Today, I am stuck with another question, in the form of a how–


How is it You love me as much as You do that You interrupt time and space to fill me with messages directly from You?  (is this even grammatically correct?  I don’t care.)

Oh, How He loves us.  

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