The Land of Promise


Awkward would best describe the way I feel. Like wearing a pair of high heels the first time. You recognize that this is not normal for your feet and it takes concentrated effort to gracefully maneuver. Make sense?

I had a dream.

I stand close to the water. I see below the surface to the bottom. It is full of rocks. The water is clear and calm. I lean in for a closer peek. It feels as if time stands still. Maybe it is because of the stillness of the water. I don’t know.

I only see my lower half (a good thing) as I either have my pant legs pulled up or I am wearing capris. I gently place my painted toes into the water as if checking the temperature.

Ripples move outward.

As with dreams, the scene abruptly shifts. I am on the other side. People are with me, but I do not see their faces. Only the ground as I guide them to pick up the now dry stones to build an altar of sorts.

I awaken.

The dream feels familiar. I know this story.

Joshua, Moses’ successor had a similar real-life moment. He was about to take a journey to the Promised Land. The River Jordan was high; at flood stage. The water was rushing. I am confident his adrenaline was rushing through him just as fast.

God encourages him to take a step. He will go before Joshua on this journey. Joshua and the people move forward in faith. The water parts and a thoroughfare opens. The rest is history.

The water is still. No huge storm or rushing water in my dream. I am still. He wants me to take a step of trust. I attempt to hold back the waters of His workings instead of allowing Him to miraculously move the water.

It is time to put my foot into the water.

It will take courage to move forward and enter the land of promises He has in store for me.

Yet, I want to walk in these new shoes. They are too valuable to just sit on a shelf.

I am ready to take the step.

Will you join me?


Lord, help me be the person you have called me to be. Give me the courage to move forward on the journey you have marked out specifically for me. Forgive me for standing when you are stepping. I want to be like Joshua. I know it will require more of me than ever before. I know you are with me. You will not abandon me on this journey. You always keep your promises. I am ready for the next step. Help me maneuver in this new terrain. In Jesus name…

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