You Are Enough

“It is all downhill from here.” These words spew from the mouth of a biker at Starbucks, ,after an attempt at casual conversion quickly goes downhill. He then held up his hand, as he made his way to the exit, and exclaims that he has won FIVE championships in his lifetime, and basically there was nothing worthy … Continue reading You Are Enough


A Free Soul

He traveled under the radar. Off the interstate, he chose an unbeaten path here and there, near and far. From one end of the earth to the other, he journeyed with hardly a care in the world. He could have accumulated his share of frequent flier miles; instead he preferred out-of-the-way underground travel. I am … Continue reading A Free Soul

Sometimes the Truth is Hard to Swallow

I opened the refrigerator to discover the unthinkable–Daughter #3  drank the remaining orange juice. I saved just enough for me. How dare she? I know it was her because she left her empty carton on the counter, and well, Hubs would have discarded the evidence. This is ground for termination in my household. How in the world will I … Continue reading Sometimes the Truth is Hard to Swallow