Dealing With Messy Interiors

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One day my daughter had a dream about me. Or, maybe a nightmare would be a better description.

Apparently, I attempted to kill her. Why? Well, she says that she came too close to the refrigerator and nearly touched the sparkly clean stainless steel–when I slammed her like a linebacker into the wall.

What in the world?

She knows not to get her grimy paw prints on my polished appliances!

Okay, I admit there may be a slight obsession over cleanliness. For instance, why in the world do they feel the need to place a sweaty glass on my granite?

Drives me nuts!!!

Fingerprints, food debris, wet rings, or even worse, when Hubby places raw meat on the counter to contaminate everything in sight with salmonella.

As you can accurately assess, I am a bit obsessive.

I think this is why I enjoy watching shows like, ‘Hoarders’–so I can feel better about my own issues.

Because, really, how in the world do people live in such a mess?

Clutter, clothing, garbage–junk taking up space until there is no viable space left.

If that’s not bad enough, the worst of the worst have not only piles of unusable items, but there are some who can’t even manage to throw the plate of last night’s takeout into the trash, and instead place it on the ground for food for flies, roaches and such.

Crazy. Is it that difficult to just throw it away?

What is apparent is this:

Deep-seated issues accumulate underneath a superficial mess.

Usually through the tedious process of going through their piles gives way to these underlying issues, by breaking down the hoarder’s defenses.

And, by episode’s end, it is apparent this is only an external reaction to a deeper issue inside.

Maybe being a hoarder has its advantages.  People can see how messed up you are.

It is we minimalists who sometimes have the deepest issues, while our surfaces stay sparkly clean, and without clutter.

Yet, underneath it all, there are small compartments of junk neatly stuffed away, out of visual sight.

Actually, I would rather keep it this way. Just work on my surface, as so not to deal with my mess.

I don’t like messes.

I don’t like being a mess.

But, in order to be the healthy individual I know is in there, somewhere, deep down underneath the messiness caused by life’s turmoils, the internal mess within needs to come out of hiding.

Looked at.

Cried over.

Dealt with.

Cleaning the surface only masks the mess within.

What about you? Are you a hoarder–you are a mess and everyone knows it, or, are you a minimalist–clean on the outside, messy on the inside?

Good thing about messes is we are all a mess to one degree or another, now aren’t we?

I am grateful Jesus cleans up our messiness when we allow Him access to our messy interiors.

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