A Free Soul

1He traveled under the radar.

Off the interstate, he chose an unbeaten path here and there, near and far. From one end of the earth to the other, he journeyed with hardly a care in the world. He could have accumulated his share of frequent flier miles; instead he preferred out-of-the-way underground travel. I am sure he could tell you tall tales from his escapades that would entertain your itching ears for years.

One problem though plagued him each and every time as he headed out headstrong with destination in mind: once he lifted his head up out of the ground, he discovered he had lost his way along the way. And, as he retraced his steps, a question loomed from his directional disarray, “I wonder if I should have taken a left turn in Albuquerque.”

Yes, Bugs Bunny, the infamous character from cartoons gone by, who in many-an-episode loses all sense of direction and ends in a tumultuous place.

Makes me wonder, was it really Albuquerque causing the mix-up or something more?

What causes our brains to malfunction & venture off-course down rabbit trails in life?

Could it be a gravitational pull away from our true compass caused by an enemy of the invisible atmosphere?

Yet, we view Satan similar to Bugs Bunny, in that he is a mere cartoon, a caricature of sorts, and don’t see the significance of his demonic influence to our command central.

And we fail to recognize the voice calling the shots behind the scenes. The voice of Bugs was really a man named Mel Brooks, a comedic genius who was nicknamed, ‘the man of a 1000 voices.’

Could it be the man of many voices has nothing up his sleeve to the Enemy, whose voice sounds eerily like our own, bent on just one message: to derail our destiny?

Is it possible we are being led astray by an enemy confusing fiction with fact? And we, like Bugs are scratching our heads over the perplexities of whose guiding us?

 Could it possibly be a voice over?

 Voice over – a piece of narration, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.

Could this evil voiceover be the overriding force attempting to override the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit from our within?


So, what do we do? How do we stay on course?

I believe it begins with deciphering the voice-thought who attempts to guide us in our minds.

  • Does the voice cause you to worry, stress, and feel hopeless in a situation with another, or with yourself? Then it is not likely God. He does not desire you to be anxious for anything, or feel utter despair, but permeates us with his unfathomable peace, and is an anchor of hope.
  • Does the voice cause you to doubt God’s goodness? Then it is not God. God is good and His love for us endures forever. He may discipline us as believers, but he disciplines us as a loving parent would a child. And when times appear less than good, we can take hold to the fact that God uses all things for our good whether we recognize it or not. This is good.
  • Does the voice speak generalities of condemnation by adding shame to your already guilty conscience? Then it is not God. God speaks in a gentle, pointed conviction to bring you back on the correct path.
  • Does the voice cause you to justify your hurt? Causing you to hold onto anger, self-pity, contempt, and judgment— and cause you to hold out on forgiveness, compassion, love, etc? Then it is not God, God desires unity and not discord.
  • Does the voice devalue your worth? Defraud you with a negative self-image? Cause you to feel displeasure, possibly disgust, about yourself in any way? Then this is not God. Our Creator spent the time to delicately fine-tune the fingerprint on each and every individual on the face of the earth, I would venture to guess He did this as a trademark of His quality work.
  • Does the voice send anxiety-filled adrenaline to flow through your veins, causing you to tremble in terrifying fear? Not likely God. His voice causes a chill to rise up the spine at the sheer confirmation of Himself causing eutrophic elation.
  • Does the voice cause confusion to a message you believe was God delivered? Questions cloud your confusion with why would you ever think you could hear from God in the first place, because really, He doesn’t have time for the smallness of your situation. Highly likely an enemy tactic to steer you off course. Remember, if we seek Him we will find him if we seek with all our heart.  And He desires to guide his children, not confuse them.

Hearing does not need to mean believing.

Our enemy is hell-bent on stealing our joy, killing our confidence and destroying our souls. His goal is to draw us away from God with every imaginable trick under the sun.

Even so, it does not have to be this way. I’ve discovered an easy way to make us aware of enemy attack by asking one simple question:

Does the thought speak life, or death?

In John 10:10, Jesus says the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

But, He comes to give us life, and have it to the full.

Could it be such a simple solution as this? Well, it may not be the end-all answer to every ail in our mindset, but I do believe it clears out the debris of discouragement, discord, defeat, doubt, and any other offensive tactic to derail our alignment with Jesus, in one quick swoop of the verse, and get our wayward minds back on track.

You know, there was another bunny who was in the dark of his circumstances. Not necessarily lost, but held hostage. He was holed up in the top of a top hat. Day after day he was the object of every trick the magician had in his hat of tricks. Until the one afternoon. He found freedom from the hidden black pouch in the lining of the magician’s wardrobe. I hear today his countenance has changed considerably since release, and has even developed a certain bounce in his step he had never known before because of his former contorted position.

Can I leave you with this?

If it causes us to turn away from Jesus, then for certain it is not from God.

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