May I Never Lose My Wonder

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Sometimes, I don’t write what I want to write.  I am not talking the cathartic journaling which will not likely move beyond the cover, but the edgy posts about my faith that are a tad off the wall of reality.  Usually when I think of sharing such things, a sudden insecurity stops me out of fear of being labeled, ‘CRAZY’.

So, in the interest of establishments I occupy, I tone it down to a religious tone of acceptable.

I had quite an adventure not too long ago–one in which the intangible God of the Universe stepped in and personally engaged with me in such a tangible way, it left me breathless.

And, to give Him credit, I shared this story with some, but not to the scale I could have.

Could it be I am embarrassed of our relationship?

Maybe.  Or, maybe I’m more concerned with blending in so not to stand out?

Either way, by doing this, I dull the sensation of His Awestruck Wonder.

So, onto the moment.

Earbuds in ears, a mile or so into my run, listening to who knows what song, an impression enters my mind of a white bunny in a black top hat. Immediately, I giggle at the thought.

I was in the midst of writing an accompaniment to a bible study, and this was the perfect conclusion.  Without a shadow of doubt, this was a moment from God.  These happen often for me.  Random thoughts, phrases, impressions, words, etc. appear in my mind when I least expect them– more often when I’m running or sleeping.

Moments I never would have stumbled upon on my own.

So, when I get home I write this ending to the study.  Done.

Maybe a day later, I open a junk drawer and notice a 2015-2016 planner sitting on top of a pile.  I giggle as I open it, knowing my daughter likely cleaned her room and placed it here.  The same daughter who, like her mommy, has ZERO organizational skills.

As you may guess, it is empty on the inside.  Not a single entry in a year-long calendar.  I smile at the similarity of our genetic makeup.

When I notice an envelope at the back of the planner.  Hmmm.  I wonder if someone gave this to her as a gift?  I open it to see it is what I suspect:  a birthday card.

On the front it says–


The inside is empty.  No signature.  Just a blank card.  This excites me as I am also horrible with birthdays, (sorry Facebook friends and loved ones) and cards are usually delivered days past due.  Now I have a card already ready for the next one on my blank calendar which has no birthdays marked to remind me to send one 🙂

So, I close the card and begin to insert it back into the envelope, when I notice the illustration underneath the inscription of…wait for it–


Yes, you read it correctly. The same scene which appeared in my mind is the same one on this card.

I’d chance to say the chances of such a happenstance as this are slim to none in the realm of natural possibilities.

I stood there breathless.

Why God? It wasn’t as if I needed divine confirmation or direction; The writing was already complete, and I was already convinced it was God who gave it to me.

And, I wasn’t in extreme duress and in need of His direction.

It was as if He was just showing off.  To me.

I cannot comprehend how This God cares for me so much that He steps into my life to orchestrate moments like these.  I am speechless.

I am sitting here wondering where to go with this post as Pandora plays in the background on my laptop, when the words of a song play the perfect ending to such a post as this:

“May we never lose our wonder.”

Could it be we think of wonderful and associate it with God in tangible ways–like healing a loved one or paying a mortgage, or finding the ideal mate, or blessing our situations and calming our storms instead of seeing His Presence in our midst and being satisfied no matter what the outcome?

Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.  (Psalm 40:5 NIV)

May we never lose our wonder in our wonderfully amazing God.



2 thoughts on “May I Never Lose My Wonder

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It touched my soul. Sometimes it is the little personal miracles of love and care from our awesome God that moves me the most. Those little things that spark that deep intimacy that can only come from Him. That part that reminds us He is also there in the little moments. The wonder in the wonderful.

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