Seasons of Difficulty


I hate to wish a season away, but, I’m to the conclusion that humidity is a taste of hell on earth.  Drips of perspiration dropped on the dewy landscape as I plodded along my path this morning.  One word says it all, “ugh.”

Still, I don’t want to wish time away dreaming of another day on the calendar, even if it happens to be with a lower heat index.

Same with seasons of hard; while I don’t desire them, I don’t want to wish the time away either.  Because truth is, in the hard, I’ve experience a plethora of joy, which makes seasons of difficulty worthwhile–

Laying around watching romantic comedies

Reading, reading, reading

The gentle rock of the hammock to birds singing above in the leaves

Hands in dirt pulling weeds and planting seedlings

Hugs, hugs, hugs

Family from afar together again around the kitchen table

Competition from endless card games

God’s comfort in the dark of night

His peace enveloping me like a blanket when the chill of anxiety overwhelms

Times when sadness draws a closer sense of intimacy with loved ones, and my God.



2 thoughts on “Seasons of Difficulty

  1. Your words are absolutely beautiful. You totally turned it around. You showed the importance of each season and each time. You understand that this season may be tough, but all your moments of gratitude and God’s love (covering you as a blanket) help you see the significance of this very moment. Thank you Josie, you are one special lady!

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