Noticing God in an Otherwise Ordinary Moment

  The day sneaked up on the calendar without time to appropriately send my “I cannot attend because of…(fill in suitable excuse).” It is a Bible study, which, offered in a friend’s home, will hopefully extinguish the bubble of self-created seclusion I desperately want removed.  I haven’t been part of a community in some time, … Continue reading Noticing God in an Otherwise Ordinary Moment


The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

I saw an excellent movie the other night, titled, ‘A Monster Calls'.  I read this eclectic book of illustrations, intermixed with words, in under 48 hours.  Very few times does a movie's quality compete with the writing, but this was an exception to the rule. Basically, without a spoiler alert, it is a story of a boy and … Continue reading The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

I’m Not a Cook, I’m Just a Critic

Bill made dinner the other night, which is quite common in our household as I try to avoid burners and ovens and such.  Most evenings consist of the most basic of ingredients, which include a version of a meat, starch, and veggie. This night though, he decided to replicate a dish he saw from the show, ‘Chopped’. … Continue reading I’m Not a Cook, I’m Just a Critic

Fear Threats

The summer between 7th and 8th grade, I received a call from someone who clearly knew me, yet, wanted to remain anonymous on her end. I tethered my fingers tightly around the brown-tinged yellow cord, causing my indented fingers to turn white from loss of blood flow, as each word incrementally raised my pulse. White was also … Continue reading Fear Threats