The Other Side of Illness


She was a hero of faith, a sweet lady who spoke of her mundane faithfulness, on a blog site titled with the same name. Her name: Kara Tippetts. Just an ordinary wife and mother caught up in the ravages of cancer, her intensely painful story enveloped her followers in a certain intimacy that is often difficult to cultivate, even in person. Maybe the gravity of the situation drew us in without prejudice, comparison, or any other adverse reaction when one succeeds in an endeavor.

Her story, mixed with a myriad of emotions, left my heart raw and aware of the preciousness of life itself. And, I must say, she was faithful to the very end. Her final post absolutely wrecked me. Not solely because of her void from this world, though her absence certainly felt like a hole developed in my heart. No, it was more than that.

Her story wrecked me for the better.

A favorite quote of mine, which may make its way on my arm, via permanent ink, is by the founder of World Vision, Robert Pierce,

Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.

Since Bill was diagnosed, back in November, 2015, I’ve privately journaled the highs and lows of our journey– from my perspective. I’ve titled these reflections, ‘The Other Side of Illness.’

You see, the angle from which I meander through this hard time may be solely unique to me, yet still, I believe our stories have the ability to affect another if we allow them to be shared fully–for the better.

So, I’m sharing these writings from the earliest entries, to present ones. Some are deeply personal, as you’ll notice my heart limping along just to make it to the end of the day. While other entries may spark joy, and cause you to cultivate that same joy yourself.

And then, there are some crazy moments, ones you may or may not believe, when I believe God appears on the radar with a message of hope, direction, or just to show Himself near.

Brokenness is a weary ground with many treasures lying beneath its surface.

Hopefully, we can cultivate some treasures together.



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