Sometimes it Takes a Village

Our little tree, which was planted last year, began to bloom yesterday. I’d wondered after the cold winter days if she would bloom at all. Yet, even with the adversity of harsh temperatures, she managed to persevere into colorful beauty.

The past week has been one of the most difficult yet. Days of weakness and discomfort seemed to determine our steps toward cancelling the trip to Hawaii.

As of Thursday night, it was settled.  We would send the girls to Kauai, and we would stay home to a makeshift version of island life with our hammock and the emerging spring landscape to captivate our hearts.

Truthfully, the thought of traveling hours to a dream destination faded when his health seemed to take a downturn.

But the next morning, something interesting happened.

I am online looking for a number for the airline to see if they will have compassion on our dire state, and refund our money. When one of our girls pulls me aside to share her concern. They don’t want to go away without Bill—or me.

I assure her it is ok, and a normal response in such a situation, when Bill walks into the room and questions our conversation. Unlike me, he is bothered at the thought of them not wanting to go.  That, and he had no idea they would react in such a way, while I totally anticipated their resistance.

I then turn my assurance to him, telling him this is a normal response, and make my way to my computer again, when he walks in and adamantly announces, “we are going to Hawaii.”

“No, we are not.”

“Yes, we are. I’ve decided that we are going.”

At this moment I feel my heart swing like a pendulum, from one side of the emotional landscape to the other.  Might I add, I don’t like such extreme shifts as it makes me, well let’s say, emotionally unstable.

He then assures me that he will be ok, and that he feels well enough to go. Even throws in a smile. I am not totally in agreement with his pain threshold, or how well he actually feels, but I feel excitement rise up for the first time in maybe a month.

I think I am married to the strongest man around. He will assure you this is not the case. Still, it took resolve and determination to travel in his condition. Maybe more than we will ever realize.

So, I write this mid-flight on our second flight of the day, somewhere over the Pacific, with tears of gratitude for the perseverance of this man– and our village of loved ones, because sometimes it takes a village to get one off a desert island.

Thank you to our wonderful neighbors who gave us their time in Kauai.

Thank you to the staff at HP who joined wallets to supply an exorbitant amount of funds, (above and beyond what they hoped for) to not only pay for our flights, but all activities, rentals, excursions, food, etc. Our trip will cost not a single dollar. Zero.

Thank you to the friends and family who have diligently prayed and encouraged us behind the scenes. Some continued to intercede on our behalf hours after our decision to cancel.

Finally, a thank you to all of you who have walked this desert experience alongside our family so we wouldn’t feel alone on our desert island.

Maybe an oasis is the village of individuals who supply needed sustenance when one walks along the valley of the shadow of death.

Or shattered dreams.

Or broken relationships.

Or addiction.

Or whatever stress our lives place on our hearts at any given time.

A heartfelt thank you for making this dream a reality…

Pics to come.


One thought on “Sometimes it Takes a Village

  1. Make a lifetime of memories. Take time to look at the little things on this trip and smell the roses. All of you 🙂 Much love and praying even still. Thank you Adonai for such a beautiful mess. Loving you.

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