An Unexpected Love Letter

I noticed the paper, folded in half, with only my name on the outside.  I quickly closed the laptop, not ready to read its contents.

Eventually though, I open it and absorb his words. Words carefully penned from Bill to me.

As you know, I’m the wordy one. What you may not know is Bill writes love letters to me on occasion, and am almost always guaranteed a sweet paragraph on Valentine’s Day. But this heart-filled year, I was heartbroken by the omission of his words, and my tears betrayed my nonchalant demeanor when I realized there were none.

I assured him it was ok, because truth was, it was ok.  But, still.  I think the turmoil of losing so much to this nasty disease got the better of me as this cancer has stolen many precious moments on its path.

Two months later, I’d long since forgotten Valentine’s Day.  But, apparently Bill had not.  Since Easter has already been a roller coaster of ups and downs, the fact that he loves me that much to place such effort onto paper, makes me adore this man even more.

I’ve included it, with typos and all (so maybe my grammar-friendly friends will let up on cringing on the other side of the computer at the sight of my many errors :)) so you can know the determination it took to write this short sentence, since exhaustion and the encroaching cancer has taken so much from him.

Hi Josie

I wanted to say especialy today-happy Easter. Remember is our celebrating of passing from one life to the after life. 

Regardless of what happens we still havee each other. You have been the light to me for so many journies. You have been so strong, keeping this house together both pysically and spiritually. Our path has never been easy we have gone through a lot. And we are still running. We will be a strong family until the end

Bill Boo

Today, I bask in this moment that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Happy Easter my friends.


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