Alter Moments – #Sowkindlegacy

One year ago today I began a journey with God, which started in a place of despair so thick, it nearly suffocated me.

Each morning for eight months straight, I sat at the kitchen table, with Bible, pencil and paper by my side, as I absorbed God’s Word, and poured to paper anything and everything. The first days were choppy, like the thoughts lay trapped underneath crushing feelings, and even though they desired release from the weight, they rose up slowly, and with much effort.

Still, over time, these daily moments altered my life. Or rather, kept me alive.

But there was another writing, one that was written before Bill’s death, to be opened upon his departure, that saved my life in more ways than I will share in this post.

Words speak life, even after death.

They encourage.

They fuel hope.

They comfort.

They inspire.

I have a friend who began a ministry not long ago, titled, #Sowkind. It is a way to pour much-needed kindness into others. I think of the letter Bill wrote as a #Sowkindlegacy, living on long after his absence.

On the one-year milestone, I wrote a letter to my girls. I hope my words encourage as much as the one their daddy left for them.

I hope these words encourage you to build life into those you love before it is too late (I typed it as is…errors and all).

Dear Josie, 

I wanted to tell you that you have made my life worth living. You are my best friend, you and I have been together for almost 30 years. You have been there through all our highs and lows. As a friend you have taught me how to be a better person and caring more for others than myself. You shared with me more than just friendship you shared with me your faith and I welcomed it, because of you I will go to heaven and I will be there waiting to see you again. I couldn’t think of a better friend to share my life with. 

You are my wife, you showed me how to include another person in my space and that space was filled by your love. You made me a husband, one who cared and believed in you. You and I learned how to be parents together or should I say Kylie taught us how to be parents, we learned together as a family to be a family. Through your caring nature you instilled in me a desire to raise our girls with dignity and respect. 

You are my Love. I have been in awe ever since the day we met. Your beauty, charm and humor knocked me over. I cannot describe my love for you, you have filled my life with happiness, excitement and zest. 

I want you to be strong and live a beautiful fulfilling life, please continue to share all your glorious attributes with those you love. 

You have a way with words and you have shared stories with so many others and inspired them, so never ever quit. You will write that book. 

I have never been so proud of someone in my whole life and you will always be in my heart. 

Love you Baby Cakes




8 thoughts on “Alter Moments – #Sowkindlegacy

  1. Dearest Josie,

    Once again your words bring much joy to me! To know that Bill was able to express his love for you in actions and words is so beautiful! I know it has been a very tough year for the kids and you! You are loved a great deal and respected beyond belief!

    This year has taught me just how short life truly can be! Wynn and I are purchasing a slice of heaven on Lake Michigan. We are building a house where loads of family memories will be made. It should be completed by June of next year. I hope that the girls and you come up to see our little slice of heaven so we can make memories with all of you too!

    Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful thoughts and words!

    Love, Karen

  2. What a beautiful gift this letter is! Thank you for sharing it. Love and prayers being sent your way…<3

  3. Josie, I’ve been following along, looks to me like you have not only been blessed with lots of friends and family but an everlasting shared goal with Bill. Time to spread those wings. ❤️

    Sent from my iPad Leslie Pulliam


  4. This right here is why you are my hero, my role model. I love you more than words could ever explain. Your my aunt, My FAVORITE aunt and we have always been pretty close and I love you for that. I love you for always caring and loving me for me. You have never judged or criticized me. I might need you more now than ever… He is right ya know.

    Love your beautiful niece

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