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Acknowledging Grief

I enter the room, carefully maneuvering around the land mine of a familiar face, which I desire to avoid for fear familiarity will cause an explosion to my composure. I make my way to a corner to hide in the wide-open, when the gracious host walks my way and asks how I am doing. "I… Continue reading Acknowledging Grief

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The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

I saw an excellent movie the other night, titled, ‘A Monster Calls'.  I read this eclectic book of illustrations, intermixed with words, in under 48 hours.  Very few times does a movie's quality compete with the writing, but this was an exception to the rule. Basically, without a spoiler alert, it is a story of a boy and… Continue reading The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

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Sitting at the kitchen table, I decide to open the pamphlet on the drug Bill will begin in the near future. Five pages long, it is specifically catered to a similar, yet different cancer, as his type does not have specific trials as of yet. The similarity is the cancer didn't  respond to traditional treatment, that being chemotherapy, and has… Continue reading Trials

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Sometimes the Truth is Hard to Swallow

I opened the refrigerator to discover the unthinkable–Daughter #3  drank the remaining orange juice. I saved just enough for me. How dare she? I know it was her because she left her empty carton on the counter, and well, Hubs would have discarded the evidence. This is ground for termination in my household. How in the world will I… Continue reading Sometimes the Truth is Hard to Swallow


Don’t Ask Why, Ask What

It is a short exclamation, in the midst of a long message, which makes my heart pitter-patter at the speaker's declaration: Don't ask why, ask what. Not long after, I lose internet connection, and the video shifts to static on my screen. But, instead of attempting to reboot connection and find my whereabouts in this unfinished message,… Continue reading Don’t Ask Why, Ask What

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She Leaned In

I sat in the chair after dismissal, and fidgeted with my belongings in an attempt to appear distracted from the person who sat one seat away from the empty one beside me. Slowly, I placed each item into my bag, methodically, until I was left without an excuse in hand. At this, she did what I… Continue reading She Leaned In

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You Think I’ve Got Potential?

She was edgy and somewhat dangerous; one of those sketchy individuals we are better off steering clear. Dangerous like Kit DeLuca, the sidekick of Vivian. The spunky girl with the feisty mouth and shady profession. If you are going, "huh?" right now, I am referring to the characters in the movie, 'Pretty Woman'. To refresh… Continue reading You Think I’ve Got Potential?

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Angel in the Restroom

It is rumored, from those who have experienced the presence of an angel and lived to talk about it, that a specific trait among them was characteristic of their divine presence--no, not that being large, white wings. It is said angels have strikingly-blue eyes. Since I am quite certain there is no definitive evidence to prove this theory, I… Continue reading Angel in the Restroom

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It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

I heard a rumor not too long ago that he loved Jesus. To say I was shocked was an understatement. This was in no way the man knew—or should I say, boy. The union was brief for this teenage couple-- he a mere nineteen, and I, a sweet sixteen. No surprise there. But, imagine my shock to hear that, not… Continue reading It’s Not Over Until It’s Over


By Day He Was a Janitor

By day he was a janitor. His pedigree did not accompany letters like PHD, or Dr. No. This hardworking, humble man, walked the halls of a middle school and cleaned up behind the debris left by hundreds of adolescents in a single day. When I was little, it was such a privilege to accompany him… Continue reading By Day He Was a Janitor