Define Okay.

Last night was rough. A celebration at a friend's house, which I'd hoped to soak in the happiness of others, caused me to flee when the walls felt like they were closing in all around me. I'd been trapped in this home for over a week with a virus, accompanied with laryngitis, which made me … Continue reading Define Okay.


“God Please Give Me Something…”

Early on in our relationship, Bill would present me with fancy jewelry for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.  Usually his taste was a tad "blingy" and I would either return it for something less flashy, or it would make its way to a nice drawer for storage after an acceptable time of … Continue reading “God Please Give Me Something…”

Reflections from the Desert

The long and windy road, steep with curves, valleys and potholes, ends abruptly as I veer off a cliff into an abyss so dark I cannot maneuver. His death wasn’t a Hollywood ending. It wasn’t filtered with soft words spoken before one slowly drifted into the afterlife. It was not the ‘happily into eternity’ I prayed, or envisioned. I … Continue reading Reflections from the Desert

Desperately Seeking Miracle (A Gethsemane Type Prayer)

For the life of me, her words elude me. Did she say, "It won't be long." Or was it more like, "It will be soon." What did she say?  This is too important to forget. That, and what did she mean anyway? She, being a Hospice nurse. They came to the house on Monday. I was Hospice trained while living … Continue reading Desperately Seeking Miracle (A Gethsemane Type Prayer)

Sometimes it Takes a Village

Our little tree, which was planted last year, began to bloom yesterday. I’d wondered after the cold winter days if she would bloom at all. Yet, even with the adversity of harsh temperatures, she managed to persevere into colorful beauty. The past week has been one of the most difficult yet. Days of weakness and discomfort … Continue reading Sometimes it Takes a Village