Pity says, “When it rains it pours.”

You know the saying, "When it rains, it pours. .." Well, I have an abscess that's requiring a root canal.  Yes, it seems as if another tooth lost its war in my mouth. And, if you knew my aversion to dentistry, even though my dearly loved father-in-law was an expert in the field, you'd understand. … Continue reading Pity says, “When it rains it pours.”


Prayer Works

The past few days have been processed in small increments--only allowing myself to go so far into the depths, and instead staying closest to the shallow end. Still, I've pondered the medicinal side of things, and all the remedies that seemed to only feed the cancerous cells, while simultaneously destroying Bill's taste buds. He's had to endure the … Continue reading Prayer Works

Noticing God in an Otherwise Ordinary Moment

  The day sneaked up on the calendar without time to appropriately send my “I cannot attend because of…(fill in suitable excuse).” It is a Bible study, which, offered in a friend’s home, will hopefully extinguish the bubble of self-created seclusion I desperately want removed.  I haven’t been part of a community in some time, … Continue reading Noticing God in an Otherwise Ordinary Moment

The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

I saw an excellent movie the other night, titled, ‘A Monster Calls'.  I read this eclectic book of illustrations, intermixed with words, in under 48 hours.  Very few times does a movie's quality compete with the writing, but this was an exception to the rule. Basically, without a spoiler alert, it is a story of a boy and … Continue reading The Unspoken Rules of Disengagement

I’m Not a Cook, I’m Just a Critic

Bill made dinner the other night, which is quite common in our household as I try to avoid burners and ovens and such.  Most evenings consist of the most basic of ingredients, which include a version of a meat, starch, and veggie. This night though, he decided to replicate a dish he saw from the show, ‘Chopped’. … Continue reading I’m Not a Cook, I’m Just a Critic

Fear Threats

The summer between 7th and 8th grade, I received a call from someone who clearly knew me, yet, wanted to remain anonymous on her end. I tethered my fingers tightly around the brown-tinged yellow cord, causing my indented fingers to turn white from loss of blood flow, as each word incrementally raised my pulse. White was also … Continue reading Fear Threats


Sitting at the kitchen table, I decide to open the pamphlet on the drug Bill will begin in the near future. Five pages long, it is specifically catered to a similar, yet different cancer, as his type does not have specific trials as of yet. The similarity is the cancer didn't  respond to traditional treatment, that being chemotherapy, and has … Continue reading Trials

You Are Enough

“It is all downhill from here.” These words spew from the mouth of a biker at Starbucks, ,after an attempt at casual conversion quickly goes downhill. He then held up his hand, as he made his way to the exit, and exclaims that he has won FIVE championships in his lifetime, and basically there was nothing worthy … Continue reading You Are Enough

A Free Soul

He traveled under the radar. Off the interstate, he chose an unbeaten path here and there, near and far. From one end of the earth to the other, he journeyed with hardly a care in the world. He could have accumulated his share of frequent flier miles; instead he preferred out-of-the-way underground travel. I am … Continue reading A Free Soul