If you are here, reading the words on this welcome page, then let me tell you, you are here for a reason. One may label it fate, destiny, happenstance, or chance. I believe God, the one who lived and breathed on this earth, known as Jesus Christ, brought you here.


Maybe like me, you are attempting to figure out how to live after a significant loss.

Perhaps your life is void of meaning without the losing of a loved one.

Just maybe you know there is more to this life, but have yet to figure out what is, or who is, missing.


You are in a safe place. The journal entries are just that, daily writings from before, during and after the loss of the love of my life. His name was Bill.

For a time, I felt I could not live without him. Death has a way of pulling everyone under in the aftermath.

But, day by day, the desire to live again slowly prevails.

These writings are raw drafts, and often in need of a good edit as they may be chalk full of grammar horrors, which are fingers on a chalkboard to all the grammatically correct individuals out there. For the mistakes of such, here is my advance apology.

If you look past the obvious, you will find treasures in the midst. I promise.

May these moments leave you awestruck.

So again, welcome.

My name is Josie. This is my story.