“I’m sorry I’ve been embarrassed of our relationship, God.”  

A world is lost, and without hope, while I hope no one will think I am a bit weird.

Hoping not to upset the four walls of a church by being so outside the box of acceptable, I contain experiences with You, or minimize them, to look a bit more like the comfortable Christian model I esteem.

I realize this hesitancy is about elevating man, and not God.

Who will reach out on the edge where eccentrics occupy space, or, on the ledge, where the erratic sorts hang out in despair?

Souls are crumbling, while I remain in the landscape of acceptability.  Comfort.  Familiarity.

So, I teeter toward an imaginary boundary line with trepidation; fearing one misstep and the Religious will reject me, and the BIG bad world will devour me.

But, this is not necessarily the case, now is it?  The Light of the World illuminates my path–so I will not stumble about if I stay in the light of His Presence.

I am reminded of a story in the Bible about a sheep led astray, and the sheep herder risks much by leaving the field in order to bring this lost one home.

“I am ready.”  

I am ready to reach out to the one soul in need of rescue.  Hope. Encouragement.

Hopefully, the words you find here will be just the remedy for a soul in need of Jesus.


One Formerly Lost Soul